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Getting Pixel Smart


We are providing full HD range of 10180 pixels. The resolution has been magnified and wider displays have been added. Best AlGalnN materials have been used for improvement of luminous efficiency.

  • 127cm (50”) FHD display

Smart and Classic


The high viewing angle of 178 degree with NICAM stereo system and 4 equalizers make it a great option. contrast ratio of 4000:01:00, 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports makes viewing truly elegant and smart affair.

  • 127cm (50”) FHD display

Screen Mirroring colors


The Leds have been induced with quad core processors and backlight features. Conjoined with superior power performance, we have produced screen mirroring colors of wide range. The contrast ratio and mega contrast features along with various modes of viewing ranging from dynamic to static. We have induced sports mode, auto channel scan, volume optimizer to suit your tastes of viewing.

  • 127cm (50”) FHD display

Enthralling Sound


The sound effects are worth applauding and multiple speakers fabricated make it a wholesome experience. Moreover excellent mounting features enable full sound experience. The system has been composed with dot noise reduction features. Now you can have a live experience of your singers and music as you get in a concert. Let the Zubin Mehta of your system take over!

  • 127cm (50”) FHD display


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Experience the most stunning picture with the ZD9 4K HDR Android TV, featuring the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme and the LED Backlight Master Drive. Explore here.

Available in 127 cm (50)

HD Smart Series

2 USB and 2 HDMI Port

Pre Loaded Games

Android TV

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