The boss of pixels, Nano image clarity


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Connect through air


These LEDs have been provided with air mouse connectivity. It helps in 360 degree gyration to enable clicking on any part of the screen. Minutest icons and applications of the screen can be pointed out and the best of all, you can use it from any part of the room. The cursor is optimized and do not run too fast or too slow. Moreover enviable designs and colors of the air mouse makes viewing a class apart.

  • 127cm (50”) UHD display

The Mega LED


The UHDS provided with cinematic and zoom screen mode, with five band equalizer sound control and Wi-Fi and ethereal networks, make the viewing experience truly high standard. The backlight displays and multi-connectivity to wireless devices makes it champion in the field.

  • 127cm (50”) UHD display

Let the magic of colors play


They provide a cinematic view and can let you have the experience of a home theatre system. More Nano picture clarity and razor sharp images with every features of view meticulously displayed. It is just like viewing something on water. Even the slightest ripples on the screen are captured with perfection in all shades.

  • 127cm (50”) UHD display

See green!


Eco energy efficiency provides it an extra edge over other LEDs. Uninterrupted power utilization with minimal costs and non-compromising resilience has been used in the system. They have the highest level of efficiency and compliance to eco-friendly regulation in terms of emissions and source utilization.

  • 127cm (50”) UHD display


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Experience the most stunning picture with the ZD9 4K HDR Android TV, featuring the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme and the LED Backlight Master Drive. Explore here.

Available in 127 cm (50)

UHD Smart Series

2 USB and 2 HDMI Port

Pre Loaded Games

Android TV

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